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Bobby Owsinski Bio

A long-time music industry veteran, Bobby Owsinski started his career as a guitar and keyboard player, songwriter and arranger, eventually becoming an in-demand producer/engineer working not only with a variety of recording artists, but on commercials, television and motion pictures as well. Living in Los Angeles and always on the cusp of the latest technology, he was one of the first to delve into surround sound music mixing, co-founding the industry leader Surround Associates and eventually working on over a hundred surround projects and DVD productions for a variety of legendary superstar acts including The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, and Chicago among many others.


Most recently Bobby mixed a #2 album on the Billboard Blues charts for AdriannaMarie and her Bluescutters, and produced and mixed a #5 on the iTunes rock charts for the band SNEW.

Along the way he has taught various disciplines of audio recording and multimedia production at Berklee College of Music, Trebas Recording Institute, and Nova Institute, and has been a guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities around the world. He has also authored several courses for Berklee as well as the Multimedia Production curriculum for Nova Institute, and over 20 online video courses for Linkedin Learning and his own

Combining his music and recording experience along with an easy to understand writing style, Bobby has become one of the best selling authors in the music recording industry with 24 books that are now staples in audio recording, music and music business programs in colleges around the world, including the best selling Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Social Media Promotion For Musicians, The Musician’s Ai Handbook, and The Music Business Advice Book, all which were #1 best-sellers on Amazon. He has also penned hundreds of audio-related articles for a variety of popular industry trade publications including Surround Professional, EQ, Billboard, Film & Video, Hollywood Reporter, Pro Sound News, Mix, Grammy Magazine, Electronic Musician, Recording Engineer/ Producer and Music Executive Insider, among others. He also is a senior contributor to Forbes, writing about the “Big Picture” issues and trends of the music business.

Bobby is also a popular presenter and lecturer at conferences and colleges around the world. Conference presentations include AES, NAMM, CES, TI:ME, and NAB, and school appearances include UCLA, USC, Bilkent University (Turkey), University of Alabama, and University of Miami, among many others.

His popular Inner Circle podcast features a combination of the latest music industry and production news along with insightful interviews with movers and shakers from throughout the music world. Now in its 10 year with more than 500 episodes, the Podcast consistently ranks in the iTunes Top 200 with a 5 star rating.

Bobby has also authored some of the most popular courses for online learning portal Linkedin Learning, and his personal online courses include Top 40 Mixing Secrets, Music Mixing Accelerator, Music Mixing Primer, and Fully Booked, among others.

Short Bio

Producer/engineer Bobby Owsinski is one of the best selling authors in the music industry with 24 books that are now staples in audio recording, music, and music business programs in colleges around the world, including The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, The Music Business Advice Book, and The Musician’s Ai Handbook. 

He’s also a contributor to Forbes as a category expert on the new music business, his long-running production and music industry blogs have won numerous industry awards, and he’s appeared on CNN and ABC News as a music branding and audio expert. Bobby’s highly-rated Inner Circle podcast is now in its 10th year, with more than 500 episodes that feature mover and shaker guests from all parts of the music industry. 

He’s also recently produced and mixed albums that appeared at #2 on the Billboard Blues Chart and #5 on the Apple Music Rock Chart.

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Kind Words From Followers And Members


Bobby Owsinski’s visit to the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s music students was one that they will never forget. His vast experience and expertise in so many facets of the music industry made him the perfect guest and clinician for our students. Whether interacting with our students in classes, working in the studio with our musicians and engineers, or just talking one-on-one with our aspiring song-writers, Bobby’s rich insights and perspectives were extremely valuable. Additionally, his kind nature and the selflessness he demonstrated while working with our students underscored his great skill as a master teacher. I can’t overstate the positive impact that his visit had on our program. 
Scott L Phillips, PhD
Director, Music Technology Program
University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Bobby Owsinski recently visited MTSU’s Department of Recording Industry to give outstanding workshops to our students. His experience and cutting edge knowledge of music production and internet marketing was evident in his presentations. Our students walked away with much more knowledge and skill. Bobby’s contributions to education are wonderful!”
Dr. Joseph Akins
Associate Professor of Recording Industry
Middle Tennessee State University

“Thank you again for speaking to our students yesterday. What an amazing experience for our students, and our staff and myself learned a great deal also! Thank you again, and hope to see you again soon here in Nashville!”
Lynn Dorton – Campus Director
SAE Institute – Nashville


“I find Bobby’s blog to be a great source for fundamentals about recording, mixing, drum miking, pretty much all the details that go into becoming a competent engineer. His work reminds me of the old Mix Magazine articles that were my college course in recording.”
Richard Baron
Sonora Recorders

First of all I want to thank you for writing such great blogs. I’ve been reading a lot of them and also showing them to several of my clients. Great work!

This blog was exactly what I was looking for. And now you break down a Cure song with a slightly untraditional song arrangement and tons of guitars that somehow mesh. Thanks for the great work, it is slowly helping me get a handle on the process conventionally and unconventionally.

Thanks for doing this blog. REALLY appreciate it. My wife and kids thank you too because I’m in such a good mood lately.

Bobby, you are a king. I learn more useful information from your blog that from anything else I read! Thanks.

“I don’t have many blogs bookmarked, but this one makes the cut! Lot’s of useful information…I’m glad you do this Bobby!”

“Your blog is a source of up to date information on so many things Pro Audio. Awesome. Great work Bobby! Thanks a lot!”


 As a veteran recording artist from the golden age of the business, I was enthralled, horrified and enlightened with the insights and logical practicality in this book. Owsinski has distilled an entirely new business plan for success in the record business that stands virtually every convention on its head as he outlines the step-by-step efforts both new and established artists must now take to survive and flourish.
Ainsley Hanes

I own close to a dozen books on the topic of the changing landscape of music and how musicians of the new era might fit in; and while some of these books were helpful, Music 3.0 was by far the best and most useful of them all.

This book is a definite MUST READ! It teaches the reader how to successfully work in the highly technological field of the music industry.

We were blown away by Bobby Owinski’s book, Music 3.0 (see review here), a must-read for any musician trying to find commercial success in the music industry.

The Music Producer’s Handbook is a completely different animal, a book filled with wisdom and guidance sure to improve anyone’s skill assuming the role of producer on a music recording.

There have been many books on this subject before, but most were written at a time when the recording industry barely resembled the one within which a producer has to operate today. The Music Producer’s Handbook, on the other hand, is bang up to date, and is thus realistic about the current state of the industry.
Sound On Sound Magazine

“The Recording Engineer’s Handbook, 2nd Edition is certainly worth the price of admission, especially now that an Amazon Kindle edition is available for under $20. Bobby Owsinski does a respectable job of covering the many facets of the recording practice and an outstanding job of detailing the many different microphones and their suggested placement for capturing a multitude of diverse instruments.”
Future Music

“I could have saved a lot of money personally over the past 30 years if I had had this Handbook to work from. Trial and error can get expensive with guitars. For anyone in the market, yet not exactly certain what they ultimately want, The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook is an invaluable resource.”
Greg Barbrick

The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook is another GREAT book. A MUST HAVE on the bookshelf for ALL engineers and guitar players, no matter what your experience level. WELL DONE Bobby.

All in all The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook perfectly lives up to its subtitle: A Definitive Guide To Creating And Recording Great Guitar Sounds. I have never come across anything as exhaustive, yet so plainly written on the topic. For those interested in finding their personal perfect sound on guitar, this is an invaluable set of pointers.

The Touring Musician’s Handbook” is on the must-read list for all aspiring or potential touring performers.

“Just bought the book (Mixing Engineer’s Handbook 3rd edition) and as much as I’ve learned about mixing & engineering (which is never enough) I find this book is a great one-stop shop to remind myself of all the little details to keep track of in a mix. The interviews are fantastic and it’s just a must-have for any engineer!” Courses

‘Audio Mastering Techniques
“I will watch anything this guy produces on digital recording.”

Audio Mixing Bootcamp
“Bobby your the best teacher on the market! Period. Everything seems so clear in your mind. You have the rare ability to explain complex things in a way it seams simple. You always look at points without losing the whole picture. I did a major upgrade since I started to follow you and your books. Thank you my friend.” -Rick Nadeau

“This really helped me finish mixing my band’s recent recording (which I had to do because we ran out of money).”

“Fantastic Course! I was surprised at how much I didn’t know.  Having the project files was a huge bonus and helped greatly in understanding the material.” 

“The instructor knew his game for sure and did a great job explaining the material in a way that was easy to understand.”

Audio Recording Techniques
“Amazing course! Bobby delivers great knowledge of basic concepts and also insights on how to break away from them with charisma and consistency. It’s more than a course, it’s a tool for future reference and study.” 

“Amazing learning experience. It is almost like as participating in the sessions yourself. You get great visual and sound feedback that really complement each other helping you to learn. The superimposed computer graphics might have given some work to do do but the cues given are fantastic.  I intend to watch the full course again. Well done!”

“Bobby is not only a great teacher and communicator, he also knows from his very long experience what really matters and goes directly to the point without losing time with unrelevant issues. I admire his simplicity and proximity to the students. He really wants to share his knowledge. He his definitely one of the very best in this area!”

From the Social Media for Musicians and Bands courses:
“Bobby explains in such a summarized yet so efficient way that makes this course a must for everyone interested in finding out the wonders of mailing lists. Spot on! Cheers to Bobby!” 

“Bobby has huge experience in the music business field. I have read and seen material written by him. Just know that Bobby, wherever you see his name, will mean quality and great value information.” 

“Great information.  His presentation was easy to follow and easy to understand. He gave us a lot of information in a short amount of time.”

“It gave me steps that I can immediately take. Doing it right after this survey.” 

“I am new to the social media world as an artist and I found this course to be extremely helpful. I feel a lot more comfortable moving forward and using twitter as a promotional tool for my future endeavours. Thank you!” 

“This course has a lot of amazing tips on how to create a channel in YouTube, how to customize the channel,  how to monetize and how to upload a video to multiple website using one website. I am extremely satisfied with the author Bobby Owsinski. I think, he did an amazing job in creating this course.”

Music Studio Setup and Acoustics
“Bobby is obviously a tremendously experienced, yet easy to follow instructor.  His presentation is quite professional, and I hope to try other courses with him.”

“A very informative course covering room acoustics in layman’s terms!  Some science, but not so much as to become cumbersome.  Offers great advice on setting up your home studio or voice-over studio!”

Bobby O Courses

“I want you to know that your product delivers. It’s not fluff. These are real tips that really help the serious amateur like me, and likely pros as well. Thank you for that.” – Tim Temple


“I AM LOVING THE PROGRAM! I have already applied the Abbey Road Reverb trick, NYC Compression and the dotted and triplet delay tricks to my mixes to great feedback. I was having trouble applying reverb in my mixes without it mudding the mix but thanks to you that problem is being resolved. Thank you Bobby for helping this DYI artist increase his skills and go to bed smiling!” – Roger Whiting

“As a professional mixer I am really impressed how some of these tips on creating movement can really make a mix shine. Thanks!!” – Rob Kuhlman

“Your videos have re shaped the way I mix. I was first a producer and secondly a mixing engineer BUT I am now respected through my circuit as a true engineer and I’m making money. I’m actually making money! This is a direct result because I applied your technical teachings from your vids with my current ability to produce. You allowed me on the Hit Makers Club to ask questions to specific needs that I had regrading mixing and mastering. I received true legitimate feedback from YOU and other professionals which most of the time I feel had much more knowledge of the industry than me. I’ve grown more in 6 months than I have in 6 years. Seriously Bobby, thank you!” – Paul Sofsky

I only have positive things to say! I am so grateful that I found you and your program. You’ve taken my music to a much higher level and it wouldn’t have happened without The Hit Makers Club. Jennifer Muhawi

This is the best presented tutorial I’ve ever watched. You are full of information and easy to listen to. No side stories that always get in the way like many other tutorials I have watched. I give your presentation an A+. Gil Gillis


“I Just Want You To Know How Much Your Podcast Encourages & Inspires The Work I Do.” – Jere B

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I really enjoy your Inner Circle podcast. I love the news snippets and the range of guests. Some I know of and others I don’t (and love the suprise of really being interested in their stories etc). I think your interviewing technique is great too – good questions, you let them speak but also add your own knowledge and experiences. Sooo many podcasts that I’ve tried but cant get through due to the interviewer interjecting every 5 seconds!! ha. Thanks again Bobby, love your advice/knowledge/dedication to music/audio.” – Nick Brown

“I’ve been a listener for 2 years and want to offer a long-overdue thank you for your efforts with the podcast.  I am in audio post, formerly in the music business- so I appreciate your choice of guests and the wide scope of topics and expertise that is discussed. Your interview style is both friendly and insightful (Terry Gross comes to mind) and you do a great job covering all fronts of creativity, business and technology.” – Paul Hollman


I enjoy them all. I listen to lots fo podcasts but as soon as yours are updated I always go to it. I think you have a great mix and the wee snippet of industry news is really neat. Short and easily digestible and with authority.
I really like the range of guest you have. People that would arguably not be headliners in traditional magazines  but do have an interesting story to tell which affects us all.” – Brian Johnstone


I’m forever in your debt for the amazing distinguished Podcast. It just keeps getting better and better. – James


“I have been trialling a lot of music podcasts covering music. Yours is one I never miss and I am working my way through the backlog.” – Brian (from Scotland)

Audio Interviews With Bobby Owsinski

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Surround Professional


Electronic Musician

Grammy Magazine

Hollywood Reporter

Recording Engineer/Producer

Pro Sound News

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Music Executive Insider

Music Connection

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GC Pro Magazine

Video Interviews With Bobby Owsinski

ABC News 20/20 Program – “Expert Guest – Beyonce Inauguration Controversy”

Pensado’s Place Episode #44

Tech News Today


Spirit Day Award for Music Achievements: Minersville, PA (Bobby’s Hometown)

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation

Pennsylvania State Senate Citation

Schuylkill County (PA) Board of Commissioners: Recognized for extraordinary accomplishments

Certificate of Special Recognition from United States Congressman Tim Holden

Studio Credits

Partial List

Surround Mixes

The Who – The Kids Are Alright
The Who – Quadraphenia
Amon Tobin – Splinter Cell 2
The Ramones – Around The World
The Ramones – World Tour
The Ramones – Have A Nice Day
Chicago – Live By Request
Neil Young – Berlin
Willie Nelson – The Willie Nelson Special
Jimi Hendrix – Rainbow Bridge
Jimi Hendrix – The Making of Electric Ladyland
Iron Maiden – Raw
Christopher Cross – A Night With Christopher Cross
John Pizzerelli – At The Montreal Jazz Festival
Weird Al Yankovic – HBO Special
The Cars – Live
Yanni – Live At The Acropolis
Pat Benetar – HBO Special
Eddie Money – Shakin’ With The Money Manâ
PBS – 50 Years Of Do Wop
The Blues Brothers – The Best Of The Blues Brothers
Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back In Town
Pharcyde – Cydeways
The Turtles – Happy Together
Dokken – Devolution
Dead Kennedys – Live

The Kinks – Muswell Hillbilly
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Pantera – Watch It Go
Vladimer Horowitz – Horowitz In Moscow
George Winston – Seasons
Dokken – MTV Unplugged
Barry Manilow – A Night With Barry
ELO – All Access
Elvis – Elvis In Hollywood
Todd Rundgren – Tortured Artist
Todd Rundgren – Videosyncracy
Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light
Utopia – Live At The Royal Oaks
Utopia – Live In Japan
Utopia – Retrospective
Silverchair – Across The Night
The Chieftains – An Irish Evening
Tammy Wynette – Live
The Monkees – 59 Episode Box Set
John Coltrane PBS Jazz Casual
Dizzy Gillespie PBS Jazz Casual
Count Basie PBS Jazz Casual
Woody Herman Jazz Casual
Carmen McRae Jazz Casual
Mel Torme Jazz Casual
Jimmy Rushing Jazz Casual


Adrianna Marie and Her Groovecutters – Double Crossing Blues (plus mixing) Nominee for Blues Music Awards Best New Artist/#2 Billboard Blues Chart

SNEW – Snew You (plus mixing)

SNEW – We Do What We Want

SNEW – What’s It To Ya

SNEW – You’ve Got Some Nerve

Gerry Groom – Once In A Blue Moon (plus mixing)

Mick Taylor – Live At The 14 Below (plus mixing)

Mick Talylor – Coastin’ Hom (plus mixing)

Amon Tobin – Splinter Cell 2 (plus mixing)

Joe Houston - The Blues And Nothin’ Else (plus mixing)

Joe Houston – Sat Right Down And Cried (plus mixing)

The Young Dubliners – The Young Dubliners

4 By Funk –  Funked Up (plus mixing)

The Balding Brothers – I Like The Big Girls (plus mixing)

Westbourne – Zero Point One (plus mixing)

The Defrozterz – The Defrozterz (plus mixing)

Unsung – Unsung (plus mixing)

Bobby Caldwell Band – Walk Right Back

Beto Levato – The Color Of Blood (plus mixing)

Carrera – You’re The Lucky One (plus mixing)

Music For Picture


Video Game Soundtracks
Amon Tobin - Splinter Cell 2

Motion Pictures

Whatever It Takes

Press Releases

Inner Circle Podcast 5th Anniversary

Burbank, CA. March 26, 2019

When Bobby Owsinski first created his Inner Circle Podcast 5 years ago, he had zero expectations. I was amazed when we made it to 50 shows, but listeners really loved it and here we are more than 250 episodes later, he stated. Indeed, people connected with music and audio everywhere have liked it enough to propel the Podcast into the iTunes Top 200 with a 5 star rating.

Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast features a combination of the latest music industry and production news along with insightful interviews with movers and shakers from throughout the music world. That encompasses musicians, engineers, producers, composers, music business and technology execs, and gear manufacturers who all tell how they got their start and reveal the inside scoop on what they do and how they do it.

Among Bobby’s past guests include musicians like Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma and top session guitarist Tim Pierce; hit-maker engineers Al Schmitt, Ed Cherney, Richard Chycki, and Andrew Scheps; producers Michael Beinhorn, Stonebridge and Robert Margouleff; composers Richard Gibbs, Rich Tozzoli and Brian Schmidt; the Recording Academy’s Washington lobbyist Daryl Friedman and former EMI top exec Rupert Perry; gear manufacturers EveAnna Manley from Manley Labs and Dusty Wakeman from Mojave Audio, and many more.

Bobby’s 5th anniversary episode features a tribute to the genius of the late Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick in a conversation with his long-time assistant and best friend Bill Smith. In the episode we learn a lot about Geoff the engineer and the man that even those who knew him might not be aware of, as well as an inside look at some of his recording and mixing techniques from someone who was by his side for many projects.

Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast can be found at or either on iTunes, Stitcher, Mixcloud, Google Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and now RadioPublic

For information about being a guest on Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast, contact:

Bobby Owsinski –

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Bobby Owsinski

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Mixing Engineer's Handbook 5th edition

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Music Business Advice Book - Medium Resolution

Mastering Engineer's Handbook 4th edition - Medium Resolution

Studio Builder's Handbook - Medium Resolution

Music 4.1 - Hi-Resolution

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Musician's Ai Handbook

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Social Media Promotion For Musicians 2nd edition - Hi-Res

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Recording Engineer's Handbook 5th Edition

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