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Bobby frequently appears as a guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities around the country on a variety of topics ranging from the subjects of many of his books, to the state of the music business, to today’s technology.

He’s also been a featured speaker, moderator and panelist at a variety of music and technology conferences such as AES, NAMM, CES, Surround Professional, eStudio, NAB, DVDPro, CEA Technology, EMX, EHX, Guitar Center, ASCAP and IRMA.

Music Presentations

Bobby is available to speak on a variety of topics

New Trends In The New Music Business: The Best Is Yet To Come!
Students, take heart. Despite what you might hear or read, the music business is not dying. In fact, it’s stronger than ever, and I’ll show you why. The presentation covers the differences in today’s music business from that of the past, what the business of tomorrow will look like, and the next big things that are happening right before our eyes. Plus, I’ll show you where the money is being made in streaming music today and tomorrow. By the end of this presentation, you’ll know more inside info than 99% of the people in the music business!

Topics covered include:

The surprising state of the music business today

The point where the music business changed forever

The real power behind the business

The artist’s major income stream that most people (including artists) don’t know

The upcoming trends that will change the business forever, and present more opportunities than ever

How the money in streaming music is generated, and why the artist and songwriter often don’t see enough of it

Social Media Promotion For Musicians And Engineers
Want to jump levels? Self-promotion is key to the career progression for anyone in the music business, but it takes more than just using social media. You’ve got to learn to promote yourself. This presentation covers the best techniques and strategy to utilize social media as a promotional tool without it taking 20 hours a day. Based on the best selling bookMusic 3.0: A Survival Guide For Making Music In The Internet Age.

Topics covered include:

How the social media and music worlds interface

Using Facebook and Twitter for marketing

Branding: what it is and how to develop it

Optimizing your YouTube presence

How videos go viral

The secret behind successful tweets

New and upcoming technologies that you need to know about

Modern Production Techniques
A presentation and clinic demonstration regarding the various techniques used by the modern record producer and how they’ve changed from the recent past. This presentation explores the hidden responsibilities and aspects of production not often discussed, including budgets, the new producer deals, and the actual creative details in working with a band. A live demonstration with a band and real-world examples illustrate the pre-production and production techniques used to get a band tight and ready to record.

Topics covered include:

How you become a producer

Producer responsibilities

The 6 phases of production

What’s my deal?

Basic arrangement rules that every producer needs to know

The secret to a tight band

The most useful phrase used during production

Speaking Appearances Include:

ATMM Conference, Bilkent University, Turkey (Keynote Address)

Visibile Music College


AES Convention

NAMM Convention

CES Convention

Surround Professional Conference

eStudio Conference

DVDPro Conference

CEA Technology Conference

EMX Conference

Guitar Center Store Clinics

IRMA Conference

ASCAP Create Music Expo

Sweetwater Gearfest

TI:ME Conference

SAE Los Angeles

SAE Tech Expo (Keynote Address)

SAE Nashville

NAB Convention

University of Alabama Birmingham

Fullerton College (Keynote Address)

Belmont University Nashville

Middle Tennessee State University

Musician’s Institute

Media Entertainment Alpha Leaders (METaL)

Cal State Dominguez Hills

Cal State Northridge

Cal State Los Angeles


California University of Pennsylvania

University of Miami

West Liberty College

Los Angeles Film School

Indie Entertainment Summit

Emerson College

Audio And Acoustics Festival Costa Rica

USC School of Cinematic Arts

Nimbus School of Recording

University of South Carolina

University of Ohio

Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade

Cerritos College

The Art Institute San Bernadino